Drab to Fab: Sunglasses

I have had this totally boring pair of sunglasses hanging around my house for years and I have finally decided to turn them into something I would actually wear! Check out how you can do it too below. What You’ll Need: Cheap Sunglasses Masking Tape Coloured Nail Polish Glue (appropriate for plastic use) Glitter What … Continue reading

Handbag Must Haves!

A girl’s handbag is everything. It is a bottomless pit of things that you never know if or when you will ever need. Basically a girl’s handbag is like the bag in Mary Poppins and it deserves to be well equip. Handbag must haves: Wallet Phone Sunnies Tissues Lip balm Lip gloss Nail file Mirror … Continue reading

Easter Egg Hunt Nails!!!

I love painting my nails for special days and events and I love Easter. Read below how to have the cutest nails while you are eating your chocolate Easter eggs! Base Coat Always, always, always start with a base coat. It will help your polish stick and stop your nails from getting stained by the … Continue reading

Work All Day & Party All Night!

We have all been there. You have this totally amazing night planned but you have to go to work first and let’s face it you can’t go to work with your party makeup on but you don’t have time to go home in between! Total nightmare! Well fear no longer because with these easy steps … Continue reading

St Paddy’s Day Swag

Okay so it’s St Patrick’s Day with Sunday which is one of my favourite celebration days. You get to sit in a pub all day, eating great pub food, watching Irish dancing, and (if you like beer) drinking Guinness. So what will you wear for this day of festivities? Below is the store that has … Continue reading

Brushed out Crimps

This is a super easy way to turn your hair from plain to insane! Brushed out crimped hair adds volume to your hair. It is the perfect hair for when you want to be out of the ordinary without having everyone stare at you like you are crazy! Don’t get me wrong sometimes I love … Continue reading

You’re a Natural Beauty!

Sometimes the hardest type of make up to do is natural day make up. I mean you don’t want to end up looking like you might as well not be wearing make up but you also don’t want to go over board. Here is a quick guide on how to do a great natural daytime … Continue reading

Going Somewhere? APPsolutely!!!

When you’re about to go on a holiday it you will probably have a list of places to go and things to see. But it can get tricky at times to pick exactly when you are going to do these things, what is the most time effective way to see everything, and where is the … Continue reading

Last Minute Valentine’s Date

So it is Valentine’s Day Eve and you just got a date what are you to do on such short notice? Here are a few looks that you can buy or easily put together from your closet. The Fancy Dinner If you are going out to a flash restaurant you may want to go all … Continue reading